Affiliate with Us

Pravesh, Where every step counts Pravesh Realty is supported by its efficient employees at every step of the way. Our workforce is a group of highly talented and qualified professionals who play a key role in establishing the Pravesh Network Associates (PNA) in different cities in Gujarat. Every aspiring Pravesh Realty Associate has to meet certain criteria before being eligible for the membership. Once their association is finalized, the new members receive the numerous benefits that come with being a PNA associate. In our endeavor to provide an ideal platform for buying and selling on real estate, we have made sure that the PNA taskforce is also supported by the IT tech support, lead suppliers and others.

If you want to join us as associate/agent, please fill the below form. We will get in touch with you shortly

Now, you can affiliate with Pravesh Realty
and accelerate your own business.

Benefits of Joining Pravesh Realty as Affiliate:

  • Large Network
  • Easy Reach to customers for your properties
  • Advertising & promotions for your listings
  • Huge customer database
  • Expansion of your business to multiple locations

The Facilities we provide to Pravesh Realty Affiliates:

  • Online property listing
  • Training for Customer Interations
  • Agent’s network
  • Co-branding
  • Affiliate Support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)